New Ads to start on Goodreads at end of April

Check out my new ad for WHO BOMBED THE TRAIN? Cool, huh? This will run the last week in April and first week in May on Goodreads, the Amazon-owned site where tens of thousands of readers check in regularly looking for their next read. 

A Review that Made Me Smile

A couple of weeks ago  Cindy Dyson Eitelman, from Mckinney, TX, wrote a review of WHERE'S BILLIE? for Goodreads.  The last couple of sentence have me still smiling. Her reaction is exactly what I've been looking for in readers. Thanks, Cindy

"Especially enjoyable are the details on Minneapolis living. I like a little bit of travel story tucked in my mystery. And the detective (a newspaper reporter) was so human I wanted to talk to her. And sometimes, scream at her."

Getting closer to publication

My publisher, Forty Press, sent me a copy of the planned front and back covers for my next book, WHO BOMBED THE TRAIN? today. Even though it's already epublished on, and even though I've written countless magazine and newspaper articles, and even though I've had two books published in both electronic and paper forms, I still get a thrill when I see the cover of my work. It'll be even better when I can hold it in my hand.Do writers who've published scores of books and hundreds of articles still feel the same way about their covers?  I sure hope so, because I want to hold on to the little tingle in my spine. 

If you'd like to read the latest in the Skeeter Hughes, news reporter, series in eform, go right ahead and download it to your Kindle or iPad. If you're a paper-kind-of-reader, Forty Press tells me that it should be off the press in a week or two. They're deciding on a launch date and location. I'll keep you posted. 

A review, a review, my kingdom for a review

I really appreciate reviews, even when reviewers don't like the book. That's because the number of reviews a book gets somehow is integrated into the super, dooper, double-crossed fingers secret algorithm uses to rank best selling books. 
Posting a review is easy. Search for Judith Yates Borger on Kindle books on the website. Click on the book you're reviewing. Click on (x number of reviews) which is in the middle of the page. Click on the box that says Create Your Own Review. You can say as little as "liked it" or "hated it" and give it the number of stars you think appropriate. Or, you can pretend you're auditioning for the New York Times Review of Books and write a review longer than the book itself. 
If you're too shy to post a review, just tell a friend about the book.