likes Whose Hand?

Got an email last night from my friends at Once Upon A Crime Mystery Book Store that Mary Ann, meaning Mary Ann Grossmann, the grande dame of Minnesota reviewers, had done well by me in her review of Whose Hand? A Skeeter Hughes Mystery. It took me a while to find it, but here's the best part:

"Borger perfectly captures tensions in newspaper city rooms, including lack of staff because of buyouts and layoffs, reporters' desire to tell stories in-depth while bosses have to answer to stockholders who want profits and the challenges of competing with the Internet.
"Whose Hand?" (Nodin Press, $16.95) includes vivid descriptions of snow-clad Minnesota landscapes (including a heart-stopping event on a frozen lake), a plot that keeps you guessing and colorful secondary characters, such as Skeeter's crime-reporting colleagues, Slick and Dick."

 Check it out.