WCCO-TV to feature Whose Hand? Monday noon

The thing about television, you need to look better than you do to write books. So I'm off for a clip and color Monday morning at Level Salon with blond, leggy Kelly before heading over to WCCO-TV downtown Minneapolis studios to do a noon interview with the gorgeous Angela Davis.
I sent Angela a copy of Whose Hand? last week and I'm keyed to see what she thinks. Much of it is set in southwest Minneapolis, an area Angela knows well, even though she lives in St. Paul.
Last winter Angela invited me to speak with first and second graders where her children go to public school. I took along a Kindle and an iPad and books to show the kids different ways that writing can be shared. I was quite surprised when I asked the classes of about 30 kids how many had ereaders at home. In every class half to a third raised there hands. The kids had some of the best questions I've ever been asked.