Write Of Spring Line-up

Once Upon a Crime BookStore will host the 10th annual Write of Spring event at the store April 7. This year the launch of WRITES OF SPRING, an anthology of work by local mystery writers, will highlight the event. Stop by and say 'Hi.'

The Usual Suspects, at their appointed times:
Joel Arnold ("Hole in the Fence") 
Judith Yates Borger ("Spring Rowing") 
Gary Bush ("Thick and Thin") 
Kathleen Hills ("Guest at the Wedding")
E. Kelly Keady ("Slater Maxwell") 
Bruce Rubenstein ("Johnny's Johnson") Richard A. Thompson ("Paradise Refused") Christopher Valen ("Lights Out")
Gerald Anderson ("Murder in the Blitz") Carl Brookins ("Firestorm") 
Jan Dunlap ("Hanging Luce") 
Ellen Hart ("Wonderland")
Camille Hyytinen ("Damn Cat") 
Linda Koutsky ("Once Upon a Rhyme") Mary Monica Pulver ("Night Trip") Peter Rennebohm ("Spring Peeper")
Pat Dennis ("Banned in Grand Rapids") Kent Krueger ("Luck")
Anne Frasier ("Red Cadillac") Michael Allan Mallory ("Beware the Flying Moose")
Libby Fischer Hellmann ("Capital Partners") Marilyn Victor ("Perfect Neighbors")
David Housewright ("Obsessive Behavior") Lance Zarimba ("Spring Cleaning")
Jessie Chandler ("Sweet Spring Revenge") Chris Everheart ("Another You") 
Barbara Fister ("Spring Fever") 
Brian Freeman ("From a Cold Place")
Lori. L. Lake ("A Darker Shade of Green") 
Jess Lourey ("Beauty is in the Eye of the Newt") David Oppegaard ("A Fairy Tale for the Incarcerated") Scott Pearson ("Clothes Make the Man")