So I met this guy on a bus ...

 I don't remember who sat next to whom but we were on a tour to see the home of Georgia O'Keefe outside Santa Fe, NM, which happens to be a city I just love, but I digress. 
Anyway, he introduced himself as Drew Kaufmann, an indie author whose work had been summarily dismissed by several paper publishers. It was a long ride to the O'Keefe place so we had a lot of time to talk about our work. We learned that we had very independently come to the conclusion that the future was in ebooks, and paper publishers just weren't worth the effort. 
The conversation continued on our way back to Santa Fe (the O'Keefe place was fascinating) and for the next three days of mystery writers convention we were both attending. We sat together at many of the seminars, and decided together, that they weren't worth our time because the speakers were still stuck in paper. 
Drew and I kept up our friendship, talking on the phone and emailing occasionally. Well, flip through those pages and see that Drew is suddenly a star, the SanFrancisco Examiner reported today. I'm so happy for him. He works very hard and goes his own way. Check out his website:  
Drew, you are an inspiration to us all.