We eSelf-Publishers

I have a theory about self-published authors who write for ereaders. I think we're in the midst of a gold rush of writers who've always thought they "have a book in them somewhere" and see the quickly changing technology as their opportunity to jump into publishing and make a bizzilion dollars. So they write that book, throw it on line and wait for the doubloons to fall in their pockets. And wait. And wait. But soon they learn that one ebook does not an author make. More important, they learn that writing books, e or print,  is very hard work. So they fade away. No harm no foul.
Then there are the writers who do it because they love the work -- most of the time -- and keep going mostly to feed their own need. If it pays, well, so much the better.
Taleist recently surveyed those authors who earn a living off their writing. I find the results of the survey very reassuring and suggest that you check it out.