Change is good

When plans change they only get better.
You may recall that I planned to release my third book in the Skeeter Hughes series, WHO BOMBED THE TRAIN?, at Christmas time.
That was so 2013.
I recently signed a contract with Forty Press to publish BOMBED (also known as WHO BOMBED THE TRAIN?) in paper in May. Because it makes sense to promote both the ebook and paper editions at the same time, I've held off on the balloons, banners and shouting about BOMBED.
But I'll let you in on a little secret. The ebook edition of BOMBED is now for sale on for $4.99. Even though there has been zero promotion on it a few intrepid readers have bought copies. Someone -- I don't know who -- even gave it a ***** review. How 'bout that?
So, if you'd like to get the jump on your reading, go buy BOMBED now. However, it would be better for me if you waited until the end of April when there will be advertising and promotion for BOMBED. If everyone downloads it at the same time it will rise higher on the all important best seller list.
Ahhhhhh, the intricacies of the book business.
If you haven't read WHERE'S BILLIE? or WHOSE HAND? this might be a good time to get caught up on Skeeter's escapades.
WHO BOMBED THE TRAIN? has a new twist from the first two books in the series. Skeeter's best friend, Rachel, is mayor of Minneapolis. She dies when a terrorist bombs the light rail Blue Line. Our news reporter, wife, mom and disarming risk-taker sets out on a mission to expose the person who killed her friend and scores of other passengers. Skeeter is hell-bent on figuring out WHO BOMBED THE TRAIN?